Higher Life Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why have individuals praying for me when I already have others praying for me?

As believers, we are connected to others in the body of Christ, and we should be praying for one another.  However, we also know that because of the busyness of our culture, others may or may not spend quality time praying for you.  By quality time, we are talking about extensive time before the throne of God on your behalf, not only petitioning on your behalf but also quietness before God to hear His response.  With Higher Life Intercession, a minimum of one hour is spent praying for you as well as hearing the Lord’s response to our petitions on your behalf.

Another advantage of an auxiliary prayer support is that there is no personal agenda on the part of the intercessors.  Their responsibility is to pray for God’s kingdom to be established and to hear from God on behalf of the party receiving the prayer support.

Why should I pay for prayer when others pray for free?

As already mentioned, we are not just talking about casual prayers that are commonplace among believers.  Higher Life Intercession is providing quality time of prayer on your behalf, a minimum of one hour.  Of course, if you desire, more time can be provided.  You also receive an intercessory assessment concerning your prayer time.  Other services are provided upon request.  Because of the skills, talents, and gifting of the prayer teams, compensation is warranted.  Just as you honor other functions in the body of Christ, e.g., pastors, worship leaders, evangelists, missionaries, so you would honor those beseeching the Lord on your behalf personally.  For many on our teams, prayer is their ministry.  With compensation, they can focus the main part of their day on what God has called them to do and that is to intercede on behalf of you, the beneficiary of their intercession. 

Is there a need for a contract?  Am I committing to a certain amount of time?

We recognize that the services of Higher Life Intercession may be needed only for a short time and that is fine.  There is no contract or a specific amount of time commitment for our services.  However, we do believe that once you experience the positive effect of auxiliary intercession, you will want to continue with Higher Life Intercession so you can continue to prosper.