The testimonies below are from people who received ministry directly from us:

In 25 years of seeking excellent ministry and being frequently disappointed, I can unconditionally recommend the RTF ministry technique and unique methodology. Most ministries just do not have the in-built time to be PATIENT and PERSISTENT to identify and systematically address the root causes of Life-poisoning issues. RTF most certainly does.
 RTF is a ministry which has significant revelation of knowledge and keys to the kind of healing and deliverance which endures. I have seen and experienced so many ministries which never took the time to even get to the leaves let alone the roots of a problem. This was usually because the ministry was structured to be spread far far too thinly.
 RTF focuses on one person or one marriage until it is fixed at the roots.
 Jonathan – UK
“Personally, we have found RTF to be an effective tool in ministering in the area of inner healing and deliverance. The RTF methodology guides us by using biblical principles, in ministering to the root cause of the problem area of our recipients, as well as disciplining them in how to maintain their spiritual freedom.   Because the ministry is forgiveness based and prophetic in nature; spiritual grace and power is imparted immediately into the lives of the ministry recipients. We really like RTF because the devil really hates when truth is revealed.” 
Pastors Monte and Sondra – Red Lion PA
First of all I want to thank you for your ministry and deliverance I had received through you which has changed my Life tremendously. Not only did I become so much clearer in my mind but also in the Spirit and all emotional hurts vanished…..
You had prophesied God would do some stretching in my spirit, my emotions and my soul and boy, did I go through some things! However, the growth I received on every aspect is amazing and even though it hurt at times I know it was necessary and worth it.
Everything I have learned of restoring the foundation I pass on as much as I can if people are open to it.
When you had come to minister to me, I was set free of the last strongholds in my life and it led me into a new dimension of faith, prayer and obedience. I kept holding on to his promises and prophecies made.
Angy – Germany