The Significance of Dreams

In the Bible, there are over 50 references for messages being sent by God through dreams and visions to both the righteous and the unrighteous.  As during Bible times, the Lord still uses dreams and visions to guide, to warn, to direct, to help and to communicate His heart.  God has not stopped communicating to humanity by these means.  God uses these methods of revelation in the lives of most believers if we just begin to pay attention to dreams and visions rather than ignore them.

All dreams have some level of significance in our lives, and it is important to invite the Lord into the process of determining what the level of significance of each dream may be.  We, as Christians, can receive revelation from dreams that are inspired by Holy Spirit.  Often times, dreams can reveal the future and help to make right decisions to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives, family, businesses, and ministries.  Yes, God still speaks as in days of old like in Isaiah  30:21 that says, “Whether you turn to the left or the right, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way, walk in it.”