I Am The Potter

“I am the potter.  My people are like clay, not that I trod them under My feet or cause them to be marred.  If they will allow Me to mold them into My image, they will be capable of doing great and mighty things in My Name.  The potter, who makes a piece of pottery, has a right to do with that clay as he sees fit.  He is inspired to create something new and different.  I am not as one that creates pots alike in assembly line fashion.  I mold and make each pot as I desire.  When I am finished with My work, each pot is a beautiful piece of art. 

I can remake the ugliest pot there is.  If My people will allow Me to re-mold them from the ugly clay that the world has caused them to be, I will make them, each one, into a beautiful, unique, piece of art that is worthy of being used for My glory.  The world will look at the change and say my, my, my, only a living God could do that.  Then they will be candidates for My potter’s wheel.”

            Given to Pastor Barry Falkenstine, Feb. 1990©