Higher Life Intercession

Receiving revelation from the glory realm

Welcome to Higher Life Intercession. This service of intercession is for churches, ministries, businesses, and families that are endeavoring to establish the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. As the culture of our society grows increasingly dark, the people of God are reflecting an ever increasing brightness.

It is a “now” time for all of God’s people to move up to higher spiritual ground where we can find fresh anointing and revelation from God’s heavenly realm. God’s people need not fear during these challenging times, but we do need to come along side each other to pray for and to encourage one another. At the same time we need to gain revelation from God Himself to overcome current challenges. That is the purpose of Higher Life Intercession, to spend time in God’s presence before His throne room of grace to find help during times of need….for you.

Higher Life Intercession is a prayer service that is an auxiliary component to your God given mission in life. An auxiliary gives assistance or support to help; it acts as a subsidiary or supplement; it is an individual or group that assists or functions in a supplementary capacity.

It is time for God’s people to take their God appointed place in the end time harvest. The keys of prophetic intercession and sustained strategic prayer support can help you triumph at all times in your endeavors.

Whether you are leading a church, a ministry, a business, or a family, you need wisdom and revelation from on high—from the glory realm—to overcome. God is always speaking and He wants to relay to you strategies, insights, and wisdom that will always bring you through the challenges you face. Higher Life Intercession provides just that for you.

Having auxiliary prayer support can provide the following for you:

  • Help you maintain the peace of God while facing challenges
  • Help you maintain confidence in all your decisions
  • Help you increase creativity, productivity, and efficiency
  • Help you receive spiritual insight from God’s divine dimension
  • Help you find more joy in your Kingdom mission
  • Increase your hope for God’s divine intervention
  • Help to resolve personal and corporate issues that you face

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