Restoring The Foundations

Restoring The Foundations is a ministry to people who are desiring to walk closer to God and desiring to fulfill their God-given destiny. RTF is a sanctification ministry, a healing ministry and a deliverance ministry all rolled into one. RTF appropriates all that Jesus accomplished on the Cross to make it active and vital in a person’s life. It truly is the “Full Gospel.”

Generally there are 5 sessions for a single person and 12 sessions for a couple [1 joint session at the beginning of ministry and 1 at the end of ministry, and 5 individual sessions for each spouse], all of which are approximately 3 hours long. Couples generally take 5 to 6 days of ministry with each spouse having a session a day.

The RTF ministers can make no guarantee of any specific healing or deliverance. The walking out of the healing received is entirely the responsibility of the ministry receiver.

Restoring the Foundations Approach

Restoring the Foundations uses an integrated approach that addresses the following four interrelated foundational areas that affect each of us.

Sins of the Fathers & Resulting Curses

This problem is rooted in the second commandment (Ex. 20:3-6), in which God visits “the iniquities of the fathers upon the children up to the third and fourth generations.” God requires us to confess our ancestors’ sin as well as our own (Lev. 26:40). We focus on the confession of sin (I John 1:9) and the appropriation of Christ’s finished work on the Cross to break curses (Gal. 3:13) and recover “legal ground” from the enemy (Col. 2:14).

Ungodly Beliefs

All of us have formed ungodly beliefs from life’s circumstances, including ones we have inherited from our ancestors (i.e., our parents and grandparents). These Ungodly Beliefs need to be changed into Godly Beliefs. This can be accomplished through a procedure of repentance and renewing your mind (Rom. 12:2).

Soul/Spirit Hurts

Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18). He heals the hurts of our soul and spirit as we “Wait upon the Lord” with “Listening Prayer”. He shows us what He wants to heal, and then He heals what He has shown.

Demonic Oppression

After we have “co-labored with Christ” to bring freedom and healing to the first three ministry areas in your life, the various demonic strongholds oppressing you can be disassembled and destroyed (Mark 16:17).

The RTF ministry was developed by Chester and Betsy Kylstra. The Kylstras are also founders of the Healing House Network, the covering membership organization for the many qualified RTF Ministry Teams ministering at the Healing House level of professionalism. This network is providing quality RTF personal ministry for individuals and couples, training and oversight, as well as functioning as a nationwide and international referral center. Barry and Sandra are an integral part of the Healing House Network, providing personal ministry, seminars and training.

We recommend viewing this 12 minute video.

For more information or to schedule ministry, please contact Barry and Sandra Falkenstine.

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